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It's important to keep track of financial KPIs to stay on the track for next 10 years.
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It's important to keep track of financial KPIs to stay on the track for next 10 years.
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What are personal finance models?
Finance models helps you see your financial future more clearly. You can play around with different “what if” scenarios by changing up things like how much you think you’ll earn in the future, how prices might go up (inflation), and what you might earn from investments. This way, you can get a better idea of how different choices might affect your financial health down the line.
What is Financial Independence Score?
Are you financially ready for a job-free retirement? This score tells if your net worth is enough to cover your retirement years while keeping your lifestyle steady.
What is Relative Wealth Index
It's about finding the balance between lifestyle and future savings. The Relative Wealth Index compares what you own (your net worth) to the things you use every day, like your car or house (your consumable assets).
Is my personal data in safe with Finiscus?
Yes, Finiscus takes the security and privacy of your financial data very seriously. Read more on Privacy Policy page.
Is it possible to terminate my account and delete all my data?
Yes, it's definitely possible. Please drop us an email about it.
Are you sharing my data with [any third party]?
No, never. We don't have any 3rd party integration other than Google Login that we only used for user management purposes (register/login).

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